• At Ivar’s, every wholesome, nutritious meal starts with optimal ingredients and thoughtful preparation.


    Ivar’s respects the dietary sensitivities and preferences of its customers. Each Seafood Bar makes a list of ingredients available for a complete, on-the-spot review.

    Heart-healthy seafood

    Ivar Haglund was proud of the Pacific Northwest and its inherent bounty. So naturally, Ivar’s is wild about seafood with a tradition that continues in today’s quality menu offerings. The seafood we serve is high in protein, rich in antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids.

    We proudly serve wild Alaskan Salmon, deep-water Alaskan Halibut and Pacific True Cod. Our fish are sourced directly from the waters where they thrive, making their flavor robust and nutritionally pristine.

    Zero grams trans-fat

    We only use 0 grams trans fat canola oil. After all, what’s better than Ivar’s classic Fish ‘n Chips? Trans-fat free Ivar’s Fish ‘n Chips!

    Local means delicious

    In our full-service restaurants, we work with local farmers and producers to offer the freshest ingredients. We also source organically farmed produce for seasonal favorites, wherever possible.