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Beta Testing for the iVar Device with Seagull Drone Delivery



With the latest and greatest technology at our fingertips here in Seattle, Ivar’s is proud to announce the beta testing of the iVar device, allowing direct orders from your nearest Ivar’s location. Similar to other smart speakers, iVar is the newest home voice search product available and as an added bonus looks like our world-famous chowder cup.

Voiced by an AI-enhanced “Ivar Haglund,” when you’re in the mood for some chowder, just let iVar know and he will place a chowder order at the closest Ivar’s (including Acres of Clams, Mukilteo Landing, Salmon House). Once the order is placed, a patented seagull drone will deliver the chowder to your exact location. The iVar device will also answer any question with, “How about some chowder?!” so just remember to Keep Clam. As you wait for your chowder, you’ll be able to access – and listen to – a full catalog of Ivar’s classic folk ditties and sea shanties.

Guaranteed to be faster than any other delivery service, and within FAA drone regulations, Ivar’s is also launching the Seagull Drone, which will literally soar through the sky with your order and deliver to your precise location. Whether you’re at home, at a park or on the go – the patented geo-tracking technology pings your phone to ensure an accurate delivery, even if you happen to shift your location. Once the drone confirms your identity via facial recognition, it will deliver the food smoothly into your hands. 


We will begin sign-ups for beta testing soon, but want to know if you'd be interested in joining the list? Keep an eye on social media for the launch!